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Yon Nicolas Work in balance

Passionate though her work may be sometimes, she herself is unassuming. What you might call a well balanced person. Yet there is something of everything in her paintings: joy, sorrow, anger, tenderness or, all of a sudden, just peace.

She produces her work in series, which often contrast with each other sharply. ‘Once I’ve managed to do a thing, I refuse to fall into a routine’, she says. If she feels there is no further challenge, she begins a new series; often something completely different. A well balanced person? Yes, but impatient too.

But despite the differences, color and light are the major themes of all these paintings. Even in a series of pictures in muted black, grey and white, there may be a sudden patch of red. She thrives on color and light. Some of her paintings scatter sunlight into the whole of the space around them, even when they are hanging in the cellar.

Her work is full of movement, though it is never uncontrolled. She restrains it with sharp rectangular shapes, subdues it with a horizon or gives it direction with a single swift line. This is why it is dynamic, for mere movement for its own sake is simply chaos.

A single canvas can take over a large wall. We see light and darkness here; movement and limitation; intense color and colorlessness; definition and vagueness. In the end, therefore, it comes down to ‘balance’.

Curriculum Vitae


Academie St. Joost, Breda


Academie Rotterdam, textiele werkvormen
Atelier Gerrit van ‘t Net, Amsterdam
Masterclass Joseph Cals
Van Gogh Atelier o.l.v. Peter Schenk, Amsterdam
Postacademische Opleiding, Academie Rotterdam
Cursus etsen o.l.v. Jan Forrer

Werk in collectie van onder andere:

Ministerie van Economische Zaken
De Nederlandsche Bank
Ziekenhuis De Lichtenberg
Peek & Cloppenburg
Thouet Werbeagentur, Aken
Firma Elegance, Aken
Hopman Interheem Group BV

Yon Nicolas Contact:

email: Yon email

Zamenhoff Straat 108, Studio nr 105
1022 AG, Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: 06-19495579‬ (cell)
(International call: +31-6-19495579‬